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Our Courses

Princeton Groundwater has been offering courses in the field of groundwater pollution, hydrogeology, site characterization, and remediation since 1974. 


The Princeton Groundwater courses have been taught since 1974, and are continuously updated to reflect the state of the science and the latest developments in the field. Our instructors are among the leading researchers and professionals in the field. 


Over the years, more than 25,000 professionals from all over the world have attended our courses.  Many of our students have attended the courses multiple times. Our instructors are among the most recognized experts in the field, with a collective experience of over 250 years.

The Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology Course

Course Modality: Live On-Line only

The Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology Course is the only 38-hour course being offered in the U.S. or Europe which comprehensively covers all aspects of groundwater pollution, hydrology, and remediation from theory to practice. The instructors are recognized as leading experts and teachers in the field and collectively have over 250 years of practical experience. The course is the established standard among groundwater training courses and for this reason has consistently had the largest attendance of all courses offered anywhere dealing with groundwater hydrology, contamination, and remediation.

Over 1300 pages of lecture notes have been written specifically for this course. Practical aspects are particularly emphasized through the study of illustrative case histories of groundwater contamination and remediation developed by Geosyntec and others. Based on the results of several hundred projects, these lectures stress a practical approach to cleanup which is acclaimed by industry and regulators alike.

One of the most widespread and difficult problems in groundwater contamination and remediation today is dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs). Dr. Cherry will present the fundamental concepts underlying the occurrence, behavior, and movement of DNAPLs in sedimentary deposits, aquitards, and fractured hard rocks.

The course will also cover the latest theory and applications of ASTM's RBCA (Risk Based Corrective Action), including Monitored Natural Attenuation and Tiers 1, 2, and 3 in assessing groundwater contamination and establishing cleanup criteria.

Over 1600 slides are shown throughout the entire course. Among groundwater professionals, the Princeton Course is considered a must-course of outstanding educational value.

The Remediation Course

Course Modality: Live On-Line and In-Person in Las Vegas, NV

The Remediation Course is the most comprehensive course on remediation available. During 40 hours of classroom instruction, every aspect of remediation is covered, including high resolution, three-dimensional hydrogeochemical characterization, Federal/State regulations, and practical design details of all remediation technologies. All aspects of Vapor Intrusion and Mitigation are also covered.


The course covers many essential topics such as strategies for cost-effective solutions, which are not found in any other courses or books.


The course, however, assumes some technical background and experience in soil and groundwater contamination problems.


Those who have taken The Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology Course (see above) should be well prepared to take this course and the next step.

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